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The cuban radio efficiently present in the Internet

The Second National Meeting of the Cuban Radio in the Internet was held in the beautiful city of Cienfuegos, some 250 kilometres south of Havana, where representatives of 49 websites of the Radio network considered the effectiveness of the multimedia concerning the Cuban reality in the World Wide Web. Read More

Womens voluntary military service under debate

In the native land of mambí[1] captain Adela Azcuy, who saw combat 49 times, the first Young Communist League (UJC) municipal assembly heard several young womens' views on joining Military Service on a volunteer basis Read More

Qualifying from villa to patrimonial city

In 1819, a handful of French colonists headed by Don Louis D'Clouet founded the Fernandina de Jagua Villa, located some 250 km southeast Havana. Over the years, the place turned into a prosperous city currently known as Cienfuegos City. Read More

Venezuela-Cuba undersea cable to favor Caribbean Countries

State-run TELECOM Venezuela and Cuban enterprise Transbit to constitute a joint venture for the construction of the undersea fiber-optic cable that will favor communications among Caribbean nations, announced Julio Duran, president of the aforementioned Venezuelan company. Read More

Rafael Bonachela's dance inspiration

The Catalan choreographer Rafael Bonachela arrived in Havana from London, where he worked with his dance company on a joint project with Cubas Danza Contemporánea Company. Read More

Cuba-Sri Lanka to Expand Cooperation in the Coconut Industry

Sri Lanka's Minister of the Coconut Industry, Salinda Dissanayake, arrived in the eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo on Wednesday to establish closer links between Cuba and his country. Read More

Automobile from Paris to Havana

ose Muñoz drove the first automobile that came and traveled all over the streets of Cuba in December, 1898 he spent in Paris the years of the Hispanic-Cuban war. There he had witnessed the growth of this new means of transport and thought to make a good business with their sale in the island. Read More