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Female architects Ibero-America meet in Havana

Women from several countries are attending the 8th Ibero-American Meeting of Female Architects and Engineers to discuss the role of women in this sector. Read More

El Guayabero in Memorian

Hundreds of Holguín natives assembled around the graveyard of the popular traditional Cuban singer Faustino Oramas, el Guayabero. Today, he would have turned 96. Supposedly born in 1911, Faustino Oramas became one of the Cuban legends of the pun and double-meaning-song lyrics , as well as of improvisation. Read More

Roots Music

Havana hosts the 12th National Meeting of Septets from June 28 through July 1 paying tribute to Ignacio Piñeiro National Septets 80th anniversary. The folk music show brings onstage bands representing the provinces throughout the island. Also theyll take part in workshops on the trumpet and the tres; Cuban 6-string guitar. Read More

US network broadcasts show live from Cuba

Despite perpetually strained US-Cuban ties, the US NBC television network for the first time Tuesday broadcast a live program from Havana Read More

Forest fire damaged Zapata Biosphere Reserve in Cuba

Incidental fire did away with some four thousand hectares of the Zapata swamps on the south coast of Matanzas province, the largest wetlands in the Caribbean. Read More

Nancy Morejón awarded Rafael Alberti Poetry Prize 2007

During the 12th International Poetry Festival held in Havana, Cuban poet Nancy Morejón received the Rafael Alberti Poetry Prize 2007. In her words of acknowledgement, she recalled the impact of Alberti's work on the Ibero American literature. Read More

Caribbean travelling sample arrives in Havana

Travelling Sample on Cinema of the Caribbean will be exhibited in Havana from June 11-16, at the "Charles Chaplin" Hall of the Cinematheque of Cuba, as part of the Culture and Development Congress, the Digital Bulletin of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) announced. Read More

Fidel Castro warns of world problems

Cuban President Fidel Castro highlighted how people's awareness about climate change has increased, as well as the importance of food, during a Cuban TV broadcast Tuesday. Read More

Cleaning up Havana Bay, the return of the pelican

One of the most evident signs of recuperation of Cubas principal inlet. Important actions underway to continue reducing contamination. Some negative aspects also present within a colossal effort. Read More

World envirnmet day celebrated in Cuba with almost 25% of territory forest covered

Cuba has reached June 5 - World Environment Day - with some 24.95% of its land surface covered in forests, according to information noted at the end of December 2006, representing an increase of 0.4% in relation to the previous year. Read More