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Robert Kennedy wanted Fidel Castro dead

Former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, brother of murdered President John F. Kennedy, personally headed a ploy to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, a memorandum by the White House reveals Saturday. Read More

Cuban Tobacco Symposium closes in Old Havana

The history, development and high quality of the mechanized tobacco industry in Cuba was highlighted today by Norma del Castillo, specialist of the Tobacco Research Institute. Read More

Chants of Tobacco Growers

Songs chanted by Cuban tobacco growers while working the land were presented by the musicologist and "Fernando Ortiz" Foundation vice president, Maria Teresa Linares. Read More

Giselle, our Giselle

Alicia Alonso was one of the great interpreters of its main character, the fragile and cheerful villager who became a spirit because a love deceit. For many critics, the greatest Giselle in the last century. Read More

Jean Lamore's biography of Martí, first piece written by a Frenchman about Cubas Hero

The biography - the first piece written by a Frenchman about Cubas Hero - contributes to consolidate the knowledge of Martis thought and its impact over the Old Europe and the Western academic circles. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez: lucidity has enemies

"Id say lucidity has enemies. They usually attribute excess of responsibility to the social commitment in arts. They speak of too much conscience and with it sadness. These are absurd arguments to me, because we will all have enough absence of thinking when we are gone. Why anticipating the nothingness? What is the rush in not reflecting"?. Read More

Cuban Foreign Ministry Statement on the conclusions of the European Union Foreign Relations Council on Cuba

It is the European Union that must rectify errors committed against Cuba. Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on conclusions reached by the European Unions External Relations Council regarding Cuba Read More

What is the currency in Cuba?

Two currencies circulate in the Island: the Cuban peso (national currency) and the convertible peso (CUC). The latter is the only monetary standard accepted by establishments and services operating in convertible currency in the country, as is the case of hotels. Read More

Chinese presence and interests in Cuba growing

More Chinese are living, studying and working in Cuba as business links and trade between the two countries increase. Read More

Michael Moore Attacks the Grotesque Profit Motive of the US Health Care System

<span style="font-size: 10pt; color: black; font-family: verdana"><font size="2">Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore sat down with Amy Goodman ahead of the release of his new film SiCKO. The film is a seething indictment of the US healthcare system. </font></span> Read More