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Saul Landau

Saul Landau, the University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate who went on to become one of the world's most respected documentary filmmakers, has donated his films and papers to the Madison-based Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research.

This is a gift of some significance, as Landau has not merely made technically accomplished and critically acclaimed films. He has, as well, chronicled the experience not just of Cuba, the country on which so much of his attention has been focused for the better part of five decades, but of many other countries, including his own United States.

Researchers will, for decades and perhaps centuries to come, refer to Landau's body of work as a reference point for understanding the politics and the culture of the remarkable period of transition that has taken place since Landau collected his UW degree and started filming his world. It is gratifying, indeed, that his generous gift will bring those researchers to Madison, a community that has meant so much to Landau throughout his career.

Source: The Capital Times

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