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French company takes its first steps in Cuban Tourism

The French company Warwick International Hotels & Resorts (WIH) took its first steps in Cuban tourism with management and marketing contracts of Cayo Santa Maria Resort and Naviti Varadero Resort Warwick Hotels. Read More

Varadero tourism grows 6% in April

The arrival of tourists to the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, the main pole of sun and beach of the island, grew 6 percent at the end of last April, reported on Wednesday the Ministry of Tourism. Read More

Cuba's Bellamar Caves proposed for World Heritage site

Sections of Cuba's Bellamar Caves are being considered for UNESCO's World Heritage status Read More

Unusual Sighting of Gray Dolphins in Cuban Bay

Four bold gray dolphins, of a group of 10, made a rare foray into the Bay of Pigs (Bahia de Cochinos) in southern Matanzas province, 150 kilometers southeast of Havana. Read More

Cuba close to go-ahead for golf resort construction

Plans for condominiums at the Carbonera golf resort Read More

Matanzas: The Cuba Nobody Knows': Finally, Matanzas gets some respect

If life were more poetic and considerate of the merits of alliteration, the famous sign in Key West would boast: ``90 Miles to Matanzas.'' Read More

Cuba Readies for April 25 Election

The head of the Cuban National Electoral Committee, Ana María Mari Machado, stressed the importance of electoral authorities correctly carrying out their responsibilities at all levels to have a successful April 25 elections. Read More

Vessel Amistad already in Cuba

The black-hulled schooner Amistad was unmistakable, sailing into the deep, long harbor of this industrial port, bright main and foresails taut in the steady breeze.<br /> Read More

Muñequitos de Matanzas Group Makes its Debut in Germany

The internationally known group Muñequitos de Matanzas performed on Thursday at the venue of the World Congress on Cuban Culture underway in Munich, Germany. Read More

Cuban rum has no secrets

The history of Cuban rum is as old as colonization itself, given that is a product extracted from sugar cane, which was brought to the island by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to this continent. Read More

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