Pipelines Ignite in Matanzas Waterworks Warehouse

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Ethan Navarro

Pipelines Ignite in Matanzas Waterworks Warehouse
Fire in Matanzas - Image by © Facebook/Pedro Rizo Martínez

A cloud of smoke that alarmed the residents of Matanzas on Tuesday was caused by a fire at a warehouse belonging to the Provincial Waterworks and Sewer Company. The fire started when 400-millimeter PAD pipelines stored in the yard of the Matanzas Municipal Waterworks ignited, reported official journalist Pedro Rizo Martínez on his Facebook profile.

“The pipelines were 12 meters long and there were 12 of them. The column of smoke quickly rose above the El Naranjal neighborhood. This material is highly flammable,” added Rizo Martínez.

Currently, the fire has been completely extinguished, and the facility is operating normally.

Additional Incidents in Cuba

On the same morning, a house caught fire in Camagüey following the explosion of an electric motorcycle. The living room of the house was completely burned, and the roof collapsed in the residence located at number 585 Pobres Street, between San Esteban and Jaime, in the historic center of the city, detailed journalist Henry Constantín.

In addition to destroying the electric motorcycle, the fire also destroyed a gasoline motorcycle, which "likely increased the pressure due to the presence of fuel," he explained.

Frequently Asked Questions About Recent Fires in Cuba

Given the recent fires in Matanzas and Camagüey, many questions have arisen regarding the causes, safety measures, and impact on the community. Here we address some of the most common inquiries.

What caused the fire in the Matanzas Waterworks warehouse?

The fire was caused by the ignition of 400-millimeter PAD pipelines stored in the yard of the Matanzas Municipal Waterworks.

How was the fire in Camagüey started?

The fire in Camagüey was triggered by the explosion of an electric motorcycle, which resulted in the complete burning of the living room and the collapse of the roof in the house.

Were there any injuries reported in these incidents?

The articles did not report any injuries related to either the Matanzas warehouse fire or the house fire in Camagüey.

What measures are being taken to prevent future incidents?

While specific measures were not detailed, it is implied that safety protocols and storage practices might be reviewed to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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