Motorcyclist in Critical Condition After Collision with Truck in Havana

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Richard Morales

Motorcyclist in Critical Condition After Collision with Truck in Havana
Accident - Image by © Facebook/La Tijera and ACCIDENTES BUSES & CAMIONES for more experience and fewer victims!

A motorcyclist is in critical condition after colliding with a truck on Calzada de Vento in Havana. Reports from the Facebook group "ACCIDENTES BUSES & CAMIONES por más experiencia y menos víctimas!" indicate that the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Avenue 100 and Calzada de Vento, in the Boyeros municipality of Havana.

According to an independent publication, La Tijera, the severe accident happened when the driver of the electric motorcycle crashed into a truck. The man was urgently transported to the hospital in critical condition, the post details. The images show that the incident deeply affected the witnesses, who helped place the motorcyclist into a blue car.

Traffic accidents in Cuba remain one of the leading causes of death on the island. On Monday, a motorcyclist died in the morning hours on Boyeros Avenue in Havana, prompting social media users to call for greater "responsibility on the road" and demand that authorities repair streets and avenues.

Recent Surge in Traffic Accidents Across Cuba

In recent days, several traffic accidents have been reported in various provinces of the country, resulting in at least nine fatalities. In one such accident, a young Cuban couple riding a Kawasaki motorcycle died on Friday in Cárdenas, Matanzas, after crashing the vehicle into a tree near the roundabout bordering the city's cemetery.

Additionally, on the same Friday, a young girl died on the Ocho Vías in Havana when the car she was traveling in with her family overturned and caught fire.

Just hours earlier, in the early morning of Thursday, five other people died in an accident near Playa Santa Lucía in the city of Camagüey.

Last year, 729 people lost their lives in Cuba due to traffic accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traffic Accidents in Cuba

Given the recent spate of traffic accidents in Cuba, here are some commonly asked questions and their answers on the subject.

What are the main causes of traffic accidents in Cuba?

The primary causes include poor road conditions, lack of vehicle maintenance, and driver negligence.

What steps are being taken to reduce traffic accidents in Cuba?

Authorities are being urged to improve road infrastructure and enforce stricter traffic laws, though significant changes have yet to be seen.

How prevalent are traffic fatalities in Cuba?

Traffic fatalities are alarmingly high, with 729 deaths reported last year alone.

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