Alleged Confession Released by Cuban Government of Man Accused of Smuggling Arms from U.S.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Albert Rivera

The Cuban government claims to have thwarted a terrorist plot against the country, allegedly organized and funded from the United States, with a key figure being a man who entered through Matanzas' coast on a jet ski.

The supposed illegal entry into Cuban territory occurred in November 2023. The regime stated that it had detained an individual carrying weapons but did not reveal his identity at that time. Now, they are sharing the statements made by the alleged terrorist.

The man was identified by authorities as Ardenys García Álvarez, a 40-year-old from Cienfuegos. He had a criminal record for speculation and armed robbery. He had left Cuba illegally in 2014 and had been residing in the U.S. since then.

Details of the Alleged Plot

Colonel Víctor Álvarez Valle explained on the television program Razones de Cuba, hosted by Humberto López, that the detainee entered Cuba illegally with weapons, intending to subvert social order. The action was allegedly "organized and funded by a group of Cuban terrorists based in the U.S."

Ardenys stated that he made his declarations voluntarily to aid the investigation. He confessed to contacting two Cubans in the United States via social media, Willy González and Dayán Quiñones. These individuals supposedly provided him with a link on Telegram, through which they coordinated for weapons training at shooting ranges while wearing uniforms. "There was an R-15, a telescopic sight, and an AK," Ardenys mentioned.

In an image, he identified the five members of his team, including Jorge Luis Fernández Figueras, who uses the alias "El Lobo." The group's leader was Willy González, and the other three shooters were Ardenys, Dayán, and Rolando, who was responsible for training.

On the second visit to the shooting range, Ardenys claimed that the team had grown with more recruits.

Colonel Álvarez insisted that Ardenys entered Cuba with five pistols of various calibers and different countries of manufacture, mostly American. All were acquired in the United States and came with ammunition.

Charges and Government Allegations

Cuban authorities accuse Ardenys of scouting key locations, making observations, and contacting individuals to orchestrate terrorist plans on the island. "He attempted to enlist members of the FAR and the MININT who had certain physical training and was identifying places where weapons might be stored or military training conducted," Colonel Álvarez stated.

Ardenys faces criminal charges for crimes against State Security, Espionage, and crimes against the constitutional order, among others. The Cuban government claims that the alleged terrorist maintained contact with Cubans in the United States, who could also face sanctions as a result.

In December 2023, the Cuban government published a list in the Official Gazette of the Republic of individuals and entities allegedly sponsoring terrorism against Cuba from the United States. The regime accuses the members on this list of "inciting actions that disrupt social order in Cuba through violent acts against public officials and the normal functioning of socio-economic entities, as well as promoting armed aggression against Cuba."

This case is receiving extensive coverage from official media, aiming to demonstrate that the Cuban government is under pressure from terrorist attacks orchestrated by exiles in the United States. However, many Cubans are skeptical about the possibility of a single man traveling on a jet ski from Florida to Matanzas to overthrow the regime.

Questions Regarding Alleged Terrorist Plot Against Cuba

This section addresses common questions related to the recent allegations of a terrorist plot against Cuba, which supposedly involved a man smuggling arms from the United States.

Who is Ardenys García Álvarez?

Ardenys García Álvarez is a 40-year-old Cuban from Cienfuegos with a criminal record for speculation and armed robbery. He left Cuba illegally in 2014 and has been residing in the United States since then. The Cuban government accuses him of being involved in a terrorist plot against the country.

What does the Cuban government allege about the plot?

The Cuban government claims that the plot was organized and funded by Cuban terrorists based in the United States. They allege that Ardenys entered Cuba illegally with weapons to subvert social order and had plans to recruit members of the FAR and MININT.

How did Ardenys allegedly communicate with his contacts in the U.S.?

Ardenys claimed that he communicated with Willy González and Dayán Quiñones, two Cubans in the United States, through social media and Telegram. These contacts coordinated weapons training and other activities.

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