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Restoration network to start refurbishing the Cuban heritage

The Cuban network of Offices of the Curator of the City will implement a wide program of actions for higher education and exchange, the plan had been created since December 2008. Read More

D´Ricci gallery in Wisconsin with Cuban art

An exhibiton of the Cuban art is underway in Wisconsin. It is about an exhibition of 25 pieces made by the Cuban artists Orestes Larios Zaak and Gregorio Perez, is exhibited until next 24 of November in Madison, capital city of the US state of Wisconsin. Read More

Cultural promoters with new proposals for Nuevitas communities

Different artistic projects are being made in the communities by the hands of the cultural promoters, as part of the proposals for the present month.<br /> Read More

Neurological rehabilitation in Primary Health Care

Camaguey has more than 30 areas of this type, in which treatment to patients with hemiplegia or hemiparesis, caused by strokes or other neurological disorders, is offered. Read More

Solid steps in favour of ecological agriculture in Camaguey

The Cuban province of Camaguey has taken solid steps in favor of the aquiculture program. Read More

Handling Program for Camagüey City includes International Consultation

The international participation includes experts from Spain, Argentina and Cuba. The Office of the Historian of Camaguey City will submit the Handling Program to an international consultation. Read More

Teenagers's Life and the Celebration of the Student's Day

Best friends are made during the school days.The best memories, the best experiences, the best friends who one remembers, are made in such a period of our lives.  <br /> Read More

Avilanian poet awarded

The Emilio Ballagas national prize was given to the poet because of his Stylistic achievements and excellent management of the language.<br /> Read More

Casino Dance

Casino dance is of Cuban origin and its movements are great, Casino constantly evolves due to the exploration of new movements including other present music tendencies. <br /> Read More

Cuba Is Testing New Polio Vaccine

<div align="justify"> The study has been sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and allows testing effectiveness of its intradermal application employing only one fifth of the current dose. </div> Read More

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