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Aging population continues to grow in Cuba

In Cuba, one million people are elderly people (60 years of age or more), and some 125 660 of them live in Camagüey, which ranks sixth among the island’s 14 provinces and one special municipality. Read More

Water, wealth of the poor

Water shortage causes millions of people and animals die. Nevertheless, many of the developed countries, main responsible of climate change try to ignore that the irreplaceable H2O, means "oil" of the poor and the rich in danger of extinction. Read More

Endemic species protected at Nuevitas harbour

Those who work at Ballenato key and Mangroves in Nuevitas harbour, northern Camaguey, follow two goals which are the protection of the environment and promotion of friendly actions in favour of nature among the community.<br /> Read More

Coppelia ice cream, a dream come true in Camaguey province

The restoration of an icebox at the local Coppelia ice cream factory will make possible to increase the production levels up to approximately 10 thousand gallons per day. Read More

Best athletes in Camaguey province already chosen

Judoca Oscar Braison and rower Yaima Velásquez, were chosen best athletes of 2009 in Camagüey, during a meeting held on Thursday at “Rafael Fortún Chacón” Sport Complex, where officials of the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER) and sports commentators of the local community of journalists attended. Read More

Agro-ecological farm and its many tasks in Cuban Agriculture

The use of animal traction, worm compost and other kind of manure, living fence-posts, the application of measures to protect the soils and minimal labour, are some of the tasks Agro- ecology includes. Read More

Camaguey Ballet Company Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary

The eastern Cuban province closed the program dedicated to the 42 anniversary of the company with a version of Giselle by Jose Antonio Chavez, one of its choreographer. Read More

Asphalt Plants for damaged roads recovered in Camaguey

A gradual revitalization of the asphalt plant gives new possibilities to tackle urgent works in the maintenance of roads deteriorated by shortages as a result of the special period or economic crisis. Read More

Santa Cruz's town fate in 1932

The seaside town of Santa Cruz del Sur, south Camagüey was lashed out by a powerful hurricane in 1932 that prompted a storm surge that overflowed the town where the seawaters reached 6.5 meters height. Read More

Suburban agriculture in Camaguey

Two major reasons that justify the project aimed at the best use of the land, by eliminating the nasty bush known as marabú and employing the animal draught in the surroundings of Camagüey. Read More

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