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Camagüey, Cuba and its Nuances: Ecological Reservation Limones-Tuabaquey

Those who have discovered Camaguey through tourist guides, maps or Internet, could think that the wide territory of this province is made only by large meadows, thousands of hectares sown with different crops, beautiful beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, or simply an old inland city seasoned with tinajones and palm trees. Read More

Tínima, a giant amid Cuban breweries

The Brewery “Tínima” has been a brewing colossus in Cuba since 1985. <br /> Read More

11th International Scientific Conference on Gender, Family and Society began in Cuba

Participants in the event, organized by the University of Camagüey, are focusing mainly on the topic of women and the problems they face in today society Read More

Women Mostly Represented in Camagüey, Cuba, Labor Force

Seventy percent of technicians and professionals in the municipality of Camagüey are women, which is a clear reflection of the growing role this gender plays in the economic and social life of this city. Read More

In Camaguey, Cuba: Exhibition of Photos of Protected Areas for World Environment Day

More than 100 photographs of a unique Cuban contest dedicated to Nature are on display in this city, as part of the program of activities to mark World Environment Day. Read More

Two Spanish Pilots Always Remembered in Camagüey, Cuba

Barberán and Collar still remembered in Camagüey Magnificent and reddish the sun rose at their backs. The stars that had helped Captain Mariano Barberán to trace out the route to be followed by no less heroic Lieutenant Joaquín Collar were fading away. It was the dawn of June 10th, 1933. Read More

Debut of the Youth and Children’s Symphony Bands of Camagüey, Cuba

The Youth and Children’s Symphony Bands of Camagüey will make their debut next Sunday, marking the 127th birthday anniversary of renowned Cuban musician Luis Casas Romero. Read More

Theater Season Kicks off in Camagüey, Cuba

Camagüey-based Teatro del viento theater group opened the season of this discipline here that will extend until next Sunday, with the participation of local ensembles and others coming from different parts of Cuba. Read More

Cuban group Maraguán opens 1st International Folklore Festival in Chile.

The Cuban group Maraguán, belonging to the University of Camagüey, performed at the opening gala of the 1st International Folklore Festival in Chile. Read More

In Cuba: Camagüey's Gran Hotel Remodeled

Camagüey's Gran Hotel, owned by the Cuban chain Islazul, treasures a unique architectural wealth that attracts both foreign and domestic tourists. Read More

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