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Cuba, Camagüey City: important tourist destination

Tour operators from thirteen countries as well as Cuban and foreign journalists were favorably impressed by Camagüey City; regarded as an important tourist destination in Cuba, even more when a significant section of its Historical Center was recently declared World Cultural Heritage Site.<br /> Read More

Cuba Increases Forest Fire Control

Cuba has stepped up its monitoring of fire-risk areas during the ongoing drought season which has seen 307 forest fires so far this year (all extinguished), reported the local press. Read More

Company Palmares, a major complement to Cuba's tourism sector

The company Palmares, a major complement to Cuba's tourism sector, offers a wide range of options to meet the demands from both national and foreign vacationers. Read More

In Cuba: Stock breeders from Camagüey are considered the most productive of the country

Stock breeders from Camagüey City Municipality are regarded as the most productive of the whole country for the second year in a row; a fact supported by the production of more than two and half million milk liters.<br /> Read More

Restored a magnificent 18th Century Wooden Balcony in Camagüey

The restoration program also includes repairing a section of the roof, replace the damaged walls and change the flooring of the second story Read More

American Crocodiles are Raised in Captivity in Camagüey

Today 700 individuals are ranched at this farm, of which 150 are adults and the rest are for replacement, development or raising. Read More

The casuarina or Australian pine one of the common trees of the great green Cayman that is Cuba.

Its capacity of moving is one of the characteristics that make successful to this species of the local flora, in a changing environment like is the tropical climate. Read More

Cuba recovers housing stock after hurricane battering

The heartrending sight left by the cyclones is changing little by little, even when many families remain in houses of friends and of relatives. Read More

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