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Biodiversity enhanced at Camaguey province

Studies on the biodiversity of protected areas such as Sabana-Camagüey ecosystem, appear among the results that the Centre of Environmental Investigations of the province of Camaguey (CIMAC) presents by the end of 2009. Read More

Public health continues improving at Camaguey province

After a year of work, Camaguey public health network exhibits many achievements and faces no few challenges. <br /> Read More

Local artist talent to participate at new years' eve in Camaguey

The local cultural system in this central-eastern province will use its artistic talent in the special program with which the people of Camaguey will bid farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010. Read More

Cuban cattle farmers gather 2 million litres of milk in 2009

The so-called “Patria o Muerte” Basic Unit of Cooperative Production, located in the municipality of  Jimaguayú, in the central-eastern province of Camaguey, was the first farm of its kind in the country that stockpiled 2 million litres of milk in the present campaign. Read More

Camagüey and Canada in visual arts exhibition

Characteristic elements of primitive art are present in the exhibition that took place in that city, with pieces from Joel Jover and Osmany Varonaboth from Camaguey province and the Canadian James K-M. Read More

Musician in Florida city, Camaguey, form a duet

The name Dúo Marfil (Ivory Duo) is probably unfamiliar to many of Camagüey inhabitants though it is getting increasingly popular in nightclubs as well as radio and TV stations in Havana City. Read More

Palmares Company awards cooks from Camaguey province

Several were the prices achieved by cooks from Camagüey province in the recent regional contest organized by tourist group Palmares at Cienfuegos province. Read More

Limones-Tuabaquey protected area in the ecological reservation category

Cuba now has ten new Protected Areas (AP), to reach 45, thus giving continuity to the official policy in favour of conservationism and protectionism of its natural resources, among them, the Limones-Tuabaquey Ecological Reserve, located in Camagüey. Read More

Tínima beer celebrates its anniversary

Labourers of the well-known Camaguey-based Tínima brewery celebrates its 24th anniversary Thursday, now with its productive capacity recovered, after having put into function 12 reactors, with which it already has 36 reactors working. Read More

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