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Reforestation revived with children's action in Florida

Care and protection of the environmnet have been bolstered with children's participation at the green belts surrounding schools in Florida, Camaguey. Read More

Pandemic threat A (H1N1) influenza under control

Immunosuppression, an intrinsic feature during pregnancy and puerperium, is one of the essential indexes  to take into account when dealing with this segment of the population, at greater risk from A (H1N1) influenza. Read More

Best Arab horses raised in Camaguey

Rancho San Vicente was declared a training center where breeders of these animals from other parts of the country can receive in-service trainings. Read More

Fernando Alonso on his 95th Birthday is homaged by Camaguey Ballet

Fernando Alonso will celebrate in advance his 95 years. Ballet of Camagüey (BC) and Vicentina de la Torre Arts Academy will pay tribute to Alonso in this city. Read More

When do players train in the national series of base ball?

The 49th National Series of Baseball in Cuba is characterized by the amazing performance of Guantanamo and by the sensational offensive of Granma; but also, by the controversy raised after some novelties implemented in the current schedule of games. Read More

Five New Sea Algae Species Found in Cuba

Cuban scientists from the Coastal Ecosystem Research Center, (CIEC for its Spanish acronym), found 5 new sea algae species in the Northern and Southern key systems in this central Cuban province. Read More

Baseball series, Camaguey team wins its second game

After having lost 13 games in a row in this 49th National Baseball Series, Camaguey  baseball team lived three great delights in Minas' Municipal Park. Read More

New procedure for cataract surgery

A novel procedure for the surgery of cataracts has been generally applied in Camaguey province, the specialists consider it  is a high-priority goal to lend this service, at the Ophthalmological Center of this territory. Read More

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