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Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez received the tribute for his 35 years of artistic life in Rome.
Álvarez, who is a composer, piano player and orchestra director, began his music life when being newly graduated from the National Art School (ENA in Spanish), he assumed the direction of the Avance Juvenil band in his birth city of Camagüey, 535 kilometers to the east of Havana, recalls today the Granma newspaper.

A nurtured concurrency made up mostly by Italians and Cubans living in that European country that literally filled the huge room were spectators to the tribute to the worldwide known musician.

Rodney López Clementem, Cuban ambassador and Paolo Bruni, general secretary of the Italian-Latin American institution were present in the event.

There were also present other ambassadors posted in that city as well as cultural attaches from several diplomatic representations.

In the presentation, Patricia Rivadeneira, cultural secretary from the IILA, highlighted the importance of the tribute to one of the most important Cuban contemporary artists and she pointed out his influence among Italian dancers who love tropical rhythms.

Ambassador López Clemente recalled the life and work of the author of A Bayamo en coche (To Bayamo in carriage) and remarked the compromise of the musician with his people and the Revolution, putting the example of his recent selection as Deputy to the National Assembly of the Peoples Power.


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