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Regional Workshop on Hurricane Press Coverage in Havana
Journalists from some fifteen countries of the Caribbean Basin will take part on a regional workshop on hurricane press coverage 14-16 April.
The event is sponsored by the Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism and UNESCO.

The increase in the number of victims and the substantial material damage caused by such meteorological events demands coherent and holistic policies to minimize the dangers.

A relevant communication strategy should be inserted in such policies to alert, inform and guide the population and institutions of each country before and after cyclones occur.

The workshop is intended to contribute to increase knowledge on such a significant issue from a multidisciplinary point of view and from the information provided by specialists, experts, academicians, and the exchange of experiences among journalists.

Lectures and workshops under the academic program will be given by Professors of the Juan Dolset scientific and environment journalist department, experts from the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment and specialists from the General Staff of Civil Defense, among others

Climate change, cyclones in the Caribbean Basin, the role, place and vision of the mass media together with Civil Defense and journalistic practices in the coverage of cyclonic events are among the topics to be dealt with in the event.


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