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Water, wealth of the poor

Water shortage causes millions of people and animals die. Nevertheless, many of the developed countries, main responsible of climate change try to ignore that the irreplaceable H2O, means "oil" of the poor and the rich in danger of extinction. Read More

Climate agreement is 'undemocratic'

Fidel Castro says an agreement forged at the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen is "undemocratic" and calls President Barack Obama's speech there "misleading." Read More

UN Climate Summit to end with no concrete accord

The UN Summit on Climate Change is to end in Copenhagen, without any concrete agreements but it did feature countless appeals by political leaders to find a consensus before it is too late. Read More

The North should pay its ecological debt, demands Cuban VP in Copenhagen

Cuban Vice-president Esteban Lazo said on Thursday in Copenhagen that the demands of a financing mechanism to reduce climate change in developed nations are a moral obligation of powerful nations.<br /> Read More

Climate change, the Copenhagen Summit and Cuba's stance

Two weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change, Cuba reiterated at the UN the need to change current production and consumption patterns. Read More

Climate Change should be included in FAO's agenda

The recommendation was made by the VP of the Cuban Council of Ministers and Agriculture Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro in a round table discussion that took place on Wednesday during the last day of a UN summit on food security that concluded in <br /> Rome, Italy. Read More

Cuba at Qatar Ozone Meeting

Cuba is attending international debates on the need to protect the ozone layer, a predominant issue in the agenda of two parallel meetings taking place Monday in Qatar, sponsored by the UN. Read More

More effectiveness in the monitoring of meteorological variables in Ciego de Ávila's Cuba in meteorological stations

More effectiveness in the monitoring of meteorological variables during the current hurricane season constitutes the result shown by the four stations in Ciego de Ávila province, located 420 kilometres away from Havana city. Read More

Meteoro 2008: Cuba will Test Emergency Preparedness this Weekend

Cuba will carry out the civil defense exercise Meteoro 2008 this weekend, to test the preparation of the country for the upcoming hurricane season starting June 1. Read More

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