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Hillary Clinton vs Cuba?

There are important distinctions between Obama and H. Clinton. Almost anyone who is being honest will acknowledge that America's approach toward Cuba is brain dead. No one even remembers why we've imposed a total embargo on the country. Read More

Several Hundred of New Titles in the 2008 International Havana Book Fair.

The titles will be available a week before this months opening of the 2008 International Havana Book Fair in the Morro-Cabaña complex. Read More

Victor Manuel Barbosa, Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde, has Thanked Cuba.

Strong ties of friendship exist between Cuba and Capte Verde as a result of the support provided by the Caribbean island to the African nations independence struggle, and later to its development, which is reflected in advances in different sectors, Minister Barbosa explained. Read More

Twenty Works of the Beginners, Professionals and Students in Guernica Hall: Polemic art in Las Tunas, Cuba.

Some twenty works of the beginners, professionals and students from the provincial Academy of Plastic arts of Las Tunas, are exhibited at the Hall Guernica, belonging to the House for Young Creators, in this city, to 670 kilometers from Havana. Read More

Vice-president Carlos Lage, receives the Socialist Group of the European Parliament.

The European deputies, who arrived in Havana on January 31, also met with Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas. Read More

A Delegation of the Japanese ''Round Table of Friendship with Cuba'' Arrive on the Island.

A delegation of the Japanese ''Round Table of Friendship with Cuba'' solidarity group will soon arrive on the island as part of a series of activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

That the Seventh Hemispheric Meeting Against Free Trade Agreements Next April in Havana.

The Continental Social Alliance (CSA) and the Cuban Chapter announced on Monday will take place in Havana on April 7-11. Read More

Cuba Commemorate the ''Year of the Rat'' this February 7.

The Chinese community in Cuba and the Cuban School of Wushu are holding a week of activities to commemorate the ''Year of the Rat'' this February 7. Read More

Cuba Fight Against vs Cancer

The country is experiencing revitalization in the field of oncology through the application of new technologies, the reorganization of services and other actions to combat cancer Read More

The Projects have Become Important Works to the Pinar del Río Province, Cuba.

The biofactory of the province; Dimas Junior High School; irrigation systems; vineyard projects in San Cristobal; the restoration of Ormani Arenado sports school; growing houses; warehouses for grains and timber reserves, all the agricultural works and even community video clubs. Read More