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The Sixth International Congress on Higher Education 'University 2008 will take place next week in Havana.

The Sixth International Congress on Higher Education 'University 2008 will take place next week in Havana with the presence of more than 4,000 delegates, including some 1,500 foreign guests. Read More

In Havana, Cuba, New Ambassadors from Zambia Present Credentials.

Vice President of the Cuban Council of State Juan Almeida Bosque, received on Thursday , Liberia and Mauritania, who presented their credentials at the venue of the Council of State in Havana. Read More

In Holguin, Cuba will host the third "Arañando la nostalgia" Music Festival.

Holguin will host the third "Arañando la nostalgia" Music Festival that will take place from February 12 to 14 in this eastern province. Read More

Developed in Holguin, Cuba a Defibrillation Training Software

Software that assists in risk-free learning in how to use a Cardiodef-2M defibrillator "a digital instrument for the treatment of severe cardiac arrhythmias" is being applied in Holguin, Cuba. Read More

The Cinematheque of Cuba Shows the Best Twenty Movies in All the Times.

That of gathering the all-time best films sounds quite ambitious and even controversial. Who may consider himself infallible and impartial judge to make a good decision? Read More

Influenced by Cuba, the Venezuelans Turn to Santeria Many in Catholic Nation Seek New Path.

The man says he is possessed by a god. He shouts, his body trembles and he lifts a sacrificed lamb to his lips, drinking its blood from the jugular. Read More

Fernando Remírez de Estenoz, Head of the Cuban Delegation to the Funeral of Volodia Teitelboim.

"Volodia Teitelboim is a symbol and example of revolutionary consciousness and coherence, not only for Chile but for all of our peoples," said Fernando Remírez de Estenoz, head of the Cuban delegation to the funeral of the outstanding intellectual. Read More

A Group of Cuban Experts Evaluated Thursday Athletic Training Plans and Programs of the India.

In an effort to help India raise the sports quality, a group of Cuban experts evaluated Thursday athletic training plans and programs of the country. Read More

Some 300 publishing houses from 31 countries will attend the 2008 Havana International Book Fair.

From February 13 to 24, some 145 exhibitors, 90 of them foreigners, will participate in the Morro-Cabana Park, overlooking the city of Havana, where 44 bookstores are already selling new titles. Read More