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The cuban film Viva Cuba, opened the Latin-American Film Festival in New Dehli.

<p align="left"> During the event it will be showed films from 12 Latin-American countries. Read More

Cuba Mourns Death of eminient Endocrinologist

<p align="left">Eminent Cuban endocrinologist, Dr. Oscar Mateo de Acosta, died in Havana at age 80 and was buried in Colon Cemetery in Havana. Read More

New Volumes of José Martis Encyclopedia: Marti in His Own Hand

<p align="left">They contain poems, writings and journalism and, in the case of manuscripts, include all the amendments, deletions and variations in Martis own hand, thus offering an understanding of his creative process. Read More

Cuban Habanos: Celebration of their 10th Annual Festival

<p align="left">Hundreds of cigar lovers, retailers, scientists and producers of all continents gather in the Cuban capital for the Habano International Festival, now in its 10th edition which has become one of the most important meetings for incentive travel held in Cuba. Read More

Renowned Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer Says Fidel Will Continue in the Struggle for Justice in the World

<p align="left">Niemeyer said, &quot;We in Latin America are convinced that he will continue to participate in the battle against the reactionary forces of US imperialism&quot;. Read More

Cuban Cafe Vista Alegre Opens in Paris

<p align="left">Cafe Vista Alegre de Cuba project to mature and made yesterday its Paris debut. Read More

Spanish is the Third Most Spoken Tongue in the world

<p align="left">These studies deal with the period 2000-2005 and sustain that native Spanish are added to those who use Spanish randomly (foreigners, persons who have Spanish as second tongue and those who are studying the language, for a total of 438 million. Read More

Chucho Valdés and Pablo Milanés: Piano and voice in Havana

<p align="left">An intimate and intense Pablo Milanés, and an uncontrollable and vital Chucho Valdés got together for the second time in their lives, and they offered a concert in Havana where a piano and a voice were the only necessary instruments. Read More

Fidel Gave a Lesson in Political Ethics

Cuban intellectual Eliades Acosta Matos highlighted the fact that the islands president is an example to follow in a world where people stay in power to take advantage of their position so as to take advantage of privileges, exploit and enrich themselves Read More