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Cuba Fight Against vs Cancer
Cuba is experiencing revitalization in the field of oncology through the application of new technologies, the reorganization of services and other actions to combat cancer.

"Our development effort focus on the quality of diagnoses and treatment in the pursuit of the cure and survival of patients, though social responsibility must increase in confronting risk factors posed by inappropriate lifestyles," said Rolando Camacho, head of the National Oncology Group, speaking to AIN. He added that Cuba has a solid assistance network and promotes preventive actions.

In all the provinces in which he has practiced oncological surgery, there are serving nine radiotherapy services in seven of those territories and several cobalt 60 instruments; in addition there are linear accelerators and the use of brachytherapy -technologies that are nonexistent even in some developing nations, he specified.

Work is improving in the specialty and more people are being treated, while at the same time advances are being made in the national production of medicines and other products achieved through biotechnology, he pointed out.

Camacho emphasized the necessity of the comprehensive control of the illness, considered the second overall cause of death and the first in premature death in the country; with cancer worldwide being more lethal than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Cuba marked the World Day in the Fight Against Cancer through a scientific conference, a movie series and a concert held in Santiago de Cuba; these were seen as means of promoting reflection on this serious health problem.


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