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That the Seventh Hemispheric Meeting Against Free Trade Agreements Next April in Havana.
The event will be attended by representatives and members of social and political organizations of the Americas such as trade unionists, students, environmentalists, indigenous people, agricultural workers.

The presence of artists, intellectuals, parlamentarians and human rights advocates of the hemisphere, among others, is also expected.

The agenda of the meeting includes topics such as the diverse expressions of free trade, foreign debt, the new financial architecture of the world and militarization.

Participants will focus their discussions on the creation and development of new ways of integration as an alternative to the neoliberal model that prevails in the world today.

They will also analyze bilateral and regional free trade agreements as well as other actions linked to free trade policies, complemented by the European Union and its association agreements.

These projects support the hegemony of the US government over the political and economic future of the nations of our continent and generate scarcity, instability and dependence.

(Cuban News Agency)

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