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In Cuba will be seen an Lunar Eclipse on February 20

Weather conditions permitting, a total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout Cuba on the evening of Wednesday, February 20. Read More

Cuban government authorities confirmed the interest of the Yemen Review Cooperation Actions.

Cuban government authorities confirmed the interest of the country to improve cooperation relations with Arab States, particularly Yemen, in the fields of education and scientific research. Read More

A Delegation from the Mexican State of Campeche in Cuba to streghten Ties

A delegation from the Mexican state of Campeche, including the mayors of Campeche and Tenasco Jorge Carlos Hurtado and Enrique Marquez, is visiting Havana to reaffirm more than two decades of friendship ties between their people and Cuba. Read More

Works valued at more than 13 million pesos in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.

Works valued at more than 13 million pesos are executed by the builders in Ciego de Ávila, as part of the socioeconomic benefit projects considered of maximum priority. Read More

Isabel Rubio an Exceptional Cuban Woman

The explosion of the USS battleship Maine in Havana and the agonizing death of the patriot Isabel Rubio in Pinar del Río city, happened to be that February 15, 1898. Read More

Jazz Plaza 2008 Festival Pay Homage to cuban percussionist Tata Guines

The Jazz Plaza 2008 Festival pays homage to the Cuban percussionist Aristides Soto (Tata Guines), who recently passed away said the president of the event Jesus Chucho Valdes. Read More

The 33rd Vuelta a Cuba Cycling Tour in Pinar del Río on Saturday

Its been news for days, the whole country enjoys its passing through towns and cities, and now Pinar del Río is to receive, as they deserve, the caravan of cyclists that started in Baracoa the 33rd Vuelta a Cuba cycling tour. Read More

Cuban Ambassador Rodrigo Malmierca Explained the Efficient Disaster-Prevention Systems in UNO.

The Cuban ambassador to the United Nations, Rodrigo Malmierca, referred to the efficient disasterprevention systems and the coordinated actions adopted by Cuba at national and local levels. Read More

Cuba was set to release four political prisoners on the condition that they leave immediately.

In a move that human-rights activists condemned as ''forced exile,'' four Cuban dissidents jailed since a harsh crackdown five years ago will be freed and sent to Spain with their families. Read More

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea President to Arrive in Cuba

Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is expected to arrive in this capital on an official visit to Cuba invited by the island's government. Read More