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When a construction work is inaugurated, most of the times the merits go to the builders who of course deserve the applause, but just a few people think about the designers, the audacious who imagined its shape, although many times remain anonymous.

Such is the case of the specialists of the Provincial Enterprise of Agricultural Projects that after 27 years keep the same impetuosity of the beginning and their catalogue is as wide as important.

Although last year 88 percent of their work was destined to the agricultural sector, the remaining 12 percent was dedicated to studies for the Battle of Ideas, especially for the construction of educative centers, such as Viñales and Dimas secondary schools, Santiago Rodríguez Primary school of San Luis municipality; among others.

Today, some of their projects have become important works to the province, such as the Vitroplants biofactory; community video clubs in the mountains; vineyards in San Cristobal; warehouses for grains and timber and growing houses.

When talking about projects we think only in buildings, but it is more than that, because in these moments the specialists are working in eight municipal tobacco enterprises in order to increase the yields.

The future is today

During a conversation with engineer Felix Travieso, manager of the enterprise, we ratify that the future he mentions sometimes is already today, thats why the revival of the forest program and the modernization of the plant of poles impregnation in Guane municipality, that would change its technology of coal tar by no contaminant substances, are part of his plans.

An important project to Vueltabajo is the reconstruction of 46 micro-dams of the province, which apart from their agricultural value, have a great significance in the disasters reduction program.

In a paragraph titled Projects of International Cooperation, financed by non-governmental organizations or international entities, they have worked in the farm of Medicinal Plants, in cattle units of San Cristobal municipalities and the main projects of the endogenous development of Sandino- 50 percent financed by the ALBA-.

Their wide range of services covers projects of engineering, architecture, agricultural development, irrigation, soils improving and preservation, topography, and project management.

Vanguard spirit
Grapes of San Cristobal: a project born in the province

It is likely that this kind of enterprise might have a spirit of vanguards, and actually they do. Their history began in March, 1981 when the high inversion level in the country demanded those services, and Pinar del Río created its entity with only 44 employees.

Nowadays they are into a system for improving business efficiency, with 96 employees, including an entrepreneurial-based unit in the Isle of Youth.

Last year they produced over one million 300 thousand pesos in 53 contracts with Pinar del Río and 23 with the Isle of Youth.

They became the first agricultural sector that was awarded Prize of Quality, but also work in order to win the Innovator Enterprise award, as part of the technological innovation system.

With 55 percent of women, the labor force is highly qualified and is about to count on 12 Maters in Sciences and different specialization levels. In addition they have Internet service that allows them to be updated and the salary numeration is according to their productive results.


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