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ANGIODIN PD 3000: New Version of Medical Equipment for Vascular Studies Under Registration Phase in Cuba

"The new ANGIODIN version successfully passed the technical tests, increasing the diagnosis possibilities of the old version, which only detected arterial problems," said PhD. Manuel Arsenio Lores Guevara, director of the CMB, a prestigious institution that will turn 15 years next February 10. Read More

The communication trough the perspective of José Martí

The communication trough the perspective of José MartíAs we already know the social sciences are scientific disciplines that are in charge of the behavior and activities of the human beings. Read More

Cuban President Fidel Castro paid tribute to the recently deceased intellectual and revolutionary Chilean Volodia Teitelboim

"I will not say he has died; he has left to live in ideas. He joined the ranks of those who struggle and will continue to struggle for those dreams", Cuban Revolutionary leader states in an article entitled "Volodia s Journey ", sources disclosed Sunday. Read More

Guatemalan Vice President Rafael Espada on Sunday praised Cuba's achievements in various sectors

In statements for Prensa Latina shortly before returning to his country, Espada said Cuba shows tangible progress in public health, especially in rural medicine, and rated the training of Guatemalan students here as perfect. Read More

Cuba's Council of State awarded Brazilian revolutionary and writer Marilisa Guimaraes with the Friendship Medal

Cuba's Council of State awarded Brazilian revolutionary and writer Marilisa Guimaraes with the Friendship Medal, in recognition for her active participation in the promotion and the Cuban culture ands politics in Brazil. Read More

International Expert Recognizes Effectiveness of Cuban Literacy Method

The Cuban contribution to the ongoing literacy campaign in Bolivia was recognized by the Organization of Iberoamerican States for Education, Science and Culture. Read More

Renowned Cuban's Writer Miguel Barnet Assumed the Presidency of the Organizing Commission of the Congress of the UNEAC.

Wed like to thank Sergio for his active, serene and lucid presence during the initial stage of our work, and we hope he recovers from his current situation¨, reads the letter. Read More

The Cuban minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, declared that the members countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas.

Prieto declared to Prensa Latina that the project was necessary to " encourage the creation, production and distribution of cultural goods and services and to give the great battle against the great multinational companies of the leisure and entertainment industry". Read More

Fernández Retamar, President of the Havana-based Casa de las Americas Cultural Center Over Presentation of Casa 2007 Awards

Renowned intellectual Roberto Fernández Retamar, president of the Havana-based Casa de las Americas cultural center, presided over the presentation of the Casa 2007 awards, granted by this institution, that took place last week in central Cienfuegos. Read More