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November 27th

Cuba: Anti-cancer Electrochemical Therapy

A pilot study to demonstrate the effectiveness of an anti-cancer electrochemical therapy is carried out in Santiago de Cuba by experts of the Centre of Applied Electromagnetism (CNEA), under Chinese consultancy. Read More

Spanish and Latin American Design Biennial in Madrid

More than 300 projects from 22 countries, many pieces from students, posters made by children and individual exhibitions will participate in the 1st Spanish and Latin American Design Biennial, which started in Madrid. Read More

The Cuban war drama Kangamba was exhibited in Mexican movie theaters

The Cuban war drama Kangamba was exhibited in this capital city as part of the First <br /> Embassy Movie Exhibition in Mexico, a program which will be held on until next December <br /> <br /> 4th. Read More

November 26th

Cuban Sol y Son Tour-Operator Receives the Crown of Gold in Russia

Cuban tour-operator ‘Sol y Son’ received the Crown of Gold, the top category of the Annual Tourism International Award granted by Russia. Read More

Cuba and Lesotho to Further Strengthening Cooperation Ties

Foreign Ministers Felipe Perez Roque, of Cuba and Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, of Lesotho, expressed their governments´ willingness to further strengthening bilateral cooperation relations. Read More

East Timor President Praises Cuban Medical Cooperation

East Timor´s President, José Ramos-Horta, today highlighted Cuba’s medical collaboration with his country, which has nearly one million inhabitants. Read More

Esteban Lazo, member of the Political Bureau Meets German Leader

Esteban Lazo, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, met in Havana with a delegation of the German Left Party, headed by the organization's Cochairman Lothar Bisky. Read More

International University Theater Festival Opens in Havana

Luisa García, the president of the 14th Festival, referred to the work of this organization —particularly the artistic movement promoted by it— as being one of the great achievements of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

Europe to Host 2009 World Cup Baseball

The old continent will host this sporting event, with Italy to be the venue for the final phase for the first time in history. Cuba and United States appear as favorites. Read More

Int’l Conference of European Studies to Open in Cuba

Over a hundred researchers and politicians from 20 countries confirmed their attendance to the 15th International Conference of European Studies, to open in Havana. Read More