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Cuba, Ethiopia Highlight their Excellent Bilateral Relations

Top Cuban and Ethiopian officials said relations between their countries are excellent, and spoke out in favor of their further diversification and expansion. Read More

The 2008 National Arts Award to sculptor Jose Villa Soberon

The 2008 National Arts Award was presented on Monday to sculptor Jose Villa Soberon, (Santiago de Cuba, 1950) creator of a rich, versatile and consistent career over more than 20 years. Read More

Books by Fidel Attract Attention in Venezuela

Books titled Fidel Castro, A Basic Anthology and Venezuela and Chávez monopolized the attention of the readers who attended the International Book Fair in Venezuela Read More

China Backs Cuba Sovereignty

China's Deputy Foreign Minister Li Jinzhang stated the Cuban people have the right to decide their own path of development. Read More

Fidel Castro Book Launched in Cuba

The book "La Paz en Colombia" (Peace in Colombia), written by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, will be launched Wednesday at the capital's Conference Center, Granma newspaper reports. Read More

Salomon Med Students Head to Cuba

A second group of young adults from the Salomon Islands left today for Cuba to study medicine in accordance with Cuban assistance to the insular states of the South Pacific, informed today Radio New Zealand International. Read More

The portal for Cuban culture to celebrate its 15th anniversary

Cubarte, The Cuban culture portal, is becoming, on this november 12th, its 15th anniversary of existence with the consolidation of a network in the institutional system and more than two million visits this year. Read More

Misión del alma: a new documentary by the the Cuban film director Roberto Chile

The theme: the healing powers of art, a philosophy that uses the artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho) and the group that accompanies him in the never tiring work of the Martha Machado Brigade in the Isla de la Juventud. Read More

Cuba Casa de las Americas celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2009

The Cuban Casa de las Americas, a cultural institution founded by Haydee Santamaria, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2009 with the attendance of intellectuals and artists from Latin America and Europe. Read More

Gen Rosso Performing in Cuba

The Gen Rosso International Performing Arts Group from Italy is in Cuba to perform the musical Streetlight. The objective of the group is to bring messages of peace and fraternity through performance arts. Read More