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Egypt welcomes Aleida Guevara one of the daughters of the guerrilla Commander Che Guevara
Moussa met with Guevara at the headquarters of the pan-Arab organization in El Cairo as a visit of courtesy of the Cuban doctor, who later participated in a meeting with several diplomats organized by the Latin American-Egyptian Friendship Association.

The daughter of the Argentinean-Cuban revolutionary man appeared Tuesday night as guest to the TV program "10 PM", hosted by television presenter Mona Shazly, who interviewed her on the life of her father and the ideas he defended.

In the presence of the Cuban ambassador to Egypt Angel Dalmau, Guevara also talked about Cuba’s reality, its political situation and the resistance of their people facing almost 50 years of US blockade and the close relation of her father with the Cuban Revolution.

A day after she arrived in El Cairo, the Cuban doctor met with the President of the Organization of Solidarity with the Afro-Asian Peoples OSPAA Amhed Hamroush and the members of its permanent secretariat at the premises of this entity.


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