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November 21st

Cuba: Disabled Women Most Excluded

Women are discriminated in many ways, but those who are disabled, are even more excluded, highlighted today Cuban expert Isabel Moya.<br /> Read More

Over 1000 Uruguayans Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method

Some one thousand adults learnt how to read and write this year using the Cuban method “Yes, I can”, which has been used successfully for over 3,000,000 people in 28 countries. Read More

Guatemala Hosts Business Meet with Cuba

More than 60 Guatemalan businesspeople from different sectors attended on Wednesday a seminar on business opportunities for Guatemalan microbusiness, small business and medium-sized business in Cuba. Read More

Havana movie festival, a maturity with an identity label

After 30 years of being founded, the Havana movie festival enjoys a well deserved maturity, open to new perspectives and with its hands reaching to the newer generation of moviemakers in search of their own way.<br /> Read More

Cuban painter Carlos Reyes to give an exhibition in Greece

The Cuban painter Carlos Reyes is presenting in Athens, Greece, his exhibition No dar posada a Carriles, as part of the international campaign to condemn the US government for offering refuge to the famous terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the author of many attacks against the island. Read More

In Havana: Cuba Celebrates Week of Italian Culture

Music, photos, lectures, concerts and movies are the main attractions of the 11th Week of Italian Culture that will be celebrated in Havana from November 24th to the 29th. Read More

November 20th

Cuba Loses Match Against US in Chess Olympiad

Cuba male team lost its second match in the Dresden Chess Olympiad, this time to the United States team 2.5-1.5 in this German city in the sixth round. Read More

Celebrations on the 100th Birthday Anniversary of Writer Alba de Céspedes

Preparations are underway in Cuba and Italy to mark the 100th birthday anniversary of writer Alba de Céspedes, granddaughter of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes --the Father of the Cuban Homeland. Read More

More than 18,000 evacuees in eastern Holguín, Cuba

Heavy rainfall in the last few days in the east of the Cuban province of Holguín have provoked swollen rivers and flooding, resulting in the preventative evacuation of more than 18,000 people. Read More