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Colombians Interested in Fidel Castros Book
The newspapers El Tiempo and El Espectador, as well as the networks RCN and Caracol, have highlighted the importance of the book.

They said that the book contains aspects, unknown until now, of the lengthy and complicated armed conflict in Colombia and Cuban authorities´ efforts to achieve peace.

In an interview with City-TV, Cuban Ambassador Jose Antonio Perez Novoa said the 265-page shows Cuba´s ethics and revolutionary principles to favor dialogue between Colombian insurgent groups and the government, with respect and without interference.

For his part, Peace Commissioner Camilo Gomez described as outstanding Cuban authorities´ support, at different times, for several governments in their talks with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces and the National Liberation Army.

From his post during the Andres Pastrana government, Gomez had several contacts with Cuban authorities to promote peace talks.

He noted that the book would surprise both readers and media by revealing facts that had remained in the shadow until now.

Local television broadcast footage of the book launch in Havana in the presence of Cuban Culture minister Abel Prieto.


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