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Cuba defeated. Puerto Rico in Olympic Qualifying Soccer
Uruguayan Carlos Garabet watched from the stands as Cuba defeated Bermuda 6-0 he is the coach of Puerto Rican team in the Caribbean qualifier for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Puerto Rico was almost forced to cancel its trip to Cuba. "There was uncertainty until the last minute over whether we would receive a permit from the US State Department," said Garabet.

The teams face off Tuesday afternoon in the first round of Group C play taking place in Havana. This match determined the group leader, considering the notable difference in the soccer shown by the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Both Cuba and Puerto Rico showed a potent offense in their first matches as Puerto Rico won 4-1 over the Cayman Islands and Cuba romped 6-0 over Bermuda.

On Tuesdays match Cuba defeated Puerto Rico 8-0 and now is going to the second round.

The Cubans are led by Yenier Bermudez, who played on the pre-selection national team during the Gold Cup.

Source: By Miguel Hernández, Granma

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