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Artex markets with new products
Arte en Casa is one of the original projects Artex commercial company uses to promote and market the works of the most outstanding artists of the country and everything related to Cuban culture.


The project is intended to show in practical products for the house, the image of Cuba through the creations of Cuban painters, among them Pedro Pablo Oliva, Mario Garcia Portela and Arturo Montoto from Pinar del Rio, as well as important artists of the overall country such as Roberto Fabelo, Zaida del Rio, Alfredo Sosa Bravo, Nancy Reyes, Pastor Perez, etc.

According to Santiago Reyes, assistant manager of the entity in the province, Arte en Casa (Art at home) gathers fans, umbrellas, towels, curtains, table cloths, jugs, cups, etc, in which these creators reflect their work.

"All these products are very well accepted by the people, besides we count on an excellent catalog of Cuban music by Bis Music record company, which includes David Blanco, Haila, Tumbao Habana, Rojitas, etc. Furthermore the CD Guajiro Natural by Polo Montañez continues to be the favorite for the public.

"Artex is formed by shops, points of sale and cultural centers like the Marriage Palace in Pinar del Rio city, the square Polo Montañez, Veguero's House and Decimista's yard in Viñales municipality, all these options have gastronomic offers and a varied cultural program, in which artists of the province and the whole country participate".

Source: Cubarte

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