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Pinar celebrates 85 anniversary of the FEU
December 19- a replica of La Demajagua Bell tours two historic places in the province: Mangos de Roque, in Mantua municipality, and Hermanos Saízs Museum House, in San Juan y Martínez municipality.

Today, will take place a meeting at Hermanos Saíz University in which more than 100 students are invited as representatives of the 12 974 members of this organization founded by Julio Antonio Mella.

Among the topics to be discussed at the gathering are: the main role of the leaders; the results of the Book and Reading Festivals held last November and the dynamic environment of the social forums as the new work scenario of the FEU.

According to Joel Alvarez, president of the organization in the province, the debates should be more systematic as continuity to the VII Congress.

The social commitment of Cuban youths and the recognition to the reasons of justice Cuba raises are ratified by the fact of being at the front of the Continental Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Students (OCLAE).

Among the priorities of the Federation of University Students are: the work with culture and the strengthening of the bonds between universities and educational entities.

In 1947 Fidel, president of the FEU at that time, forced the administration of Grau San Martin to return the historic piece to its place of origin in Manzanillo, and aborted the attempt of using this bell with false politic pretensions.


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