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Critics Liven Up Concept of Latin American New Film
As part of the 29th Latin American Film Festival, a series of seminars were held that served to ratify the cultural diversity and creativity of the region.

A two-day meeting named Latin America: 'reality and/or utopia wrapped up last Thursday with a general consensus on the need to increase the theoretical study of socialism of the 21st century. The experiences of the system in Cuba and its approach taking into account the current situation of the nations of the continent were also topics for exchange.

The critical analysis made by philosophers, sociologists and filmmakers resulted in a better understanding of the importance of encouraging cinematographic creation based on the concept of the New Film that emerged 40 years ago in Viña del Mar, Argentina.

Reflections covered the urgency to rectify everything that can be rectified, and to leave behind stereotypes in order to be able to better portray the convulsed reality affecting the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean.

Argentinean philosopher Nestor Kohan stressed that the term socialism was barely used during the 1990s, but it was brought back by the Bolivarian revolution. It was added to the political agenda, while making us go through Ernesto Che Guevaras thoughts on the topic, said the Argentinean.

Prior to the seminar, a workshop entitled 'Latinos plus Latinos was focused on the growing presence of Latin Americans in the United States, which has become a country of immigrants. Participants analyzed the cultural contributions of Latinos to movies and to American society in general.

The dilemma faced by millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S was set on the table for discussion, while a panel presented the results of the implementation of restrictive, racist and xenophobic measures and the manipulation of migratory laws now set about the coming presidential elections of 2008.

The 29th International Festival of Latin American New Film began December 4th and it concluded December 14th with the award of the Coral Prizes.


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