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Nancy Morejón, among many other personalities, joins the Buenos Aires call
The Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez took part in Buenos Aires together with artists, intellectuals and social and political leaders at the Encuentro de la cultura por la integración de los pueblos de nuestra América (Cultural Meeting for the integration of the people of our America).

In the meeting, Chávez received the Buenos Aires Manifesto by the Peace Nobel Price Winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the dramatist and psychoanalyst Eduardo Pavlovsky, the actress Leonor Manso, the sociologist Atilio Borón and the cooperative Carlos Heller.

The manifesto calls the intellectuals, artists, men and women of culture in general to join together for the creation and constitution of a great project, whose aim is to integrate the people of Our America from its deep cultural roots, indicated the organizers.

Among the signers are the Argentinean plastic artists León Ferrari, the Chilean writer Aristóteles España and the Venezuelan writer Enrique Hernández D Jesús. The Ecuadorean writer Ivonne Zúñiga, the Colombian writer Fernando Rendón and the Cuban writer Nancy Morejón also signed the manifesto, among many other personalities of the Latin American culture.

Chavez travelled to Buenos Aires to sign last week the constitution agreement of the Banco del Sur and to take part in the investiture ceremony of the new president Cristina Fernández.


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