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In Cuba 52,000 homes will be completed this year
Around 180,000 repairs and renovations will have been carried out, although that is still insufficient for the critical situation that exists in the country

Oris Silvia Fernández Hernández, first vice-president of the National Institute of Housing (INV), announced this Saturday in the capital that by the close of 2007 some 52,000 houses will have been completed in our country and some 180,000 repairs and renovations will have been carried out.

This is a very accurate forecast, she said, although these figures won't mean the hundred percent execution of the strategic program of house building that the country has been implementing since the end of 2005.

The number of rooms is considerably higher in comparison with other years and they have been erected despite of the affects of the US government's blockade that impedes the import of materials and products, pointed out the managers.

2007 will be the third year that Cuba has achieved important results in such a vital activity, though the larger quantity of finished houses was achieved the year before with 110,000 and, before that, with 57,000, the official explained to the press accredited the Sixth Congress of the National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba (UNAICC).

On the non-fulfilment she specified that there were more in the state sector than in the self building sector, although the first built more than the latter.

One of the causes for the delay in the construction program for self build is related to the fact that the actions and the material resources were dedicated to the housing of the workers that were selected by the program of the CTC and that program has advanced very little, among other reasons for the lack of a specialized force in the decisive stages of the construction of new property, the official considered.

To this should be added the limitations of material resources, the misuse of those that were available, and the problems with the transport for the transfer of the materials in time to the supply yards, the lack of support of all the factors in the community and in the workplaces, and intermittent readiness of materials.

At the same time as the important program of the house building, the country is continuing to pay special attention to the indemnity for the damages by meteorological damage and, in the current year, for the intense rains, fundamentally in the eastern region of the country.
On the plans for 2008, she disclosed that up to the present, the construction of some 50,000 new houses and the realization of some 250,000 repairs and renovations were foreseen, which means a more real adjustment of our capacities and resources regarding what can be built and an increment in the renovation activities, something in answer to the population's requests and the directives of the Revolution.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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