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November 23rd

Metrosexuals Coming Out. But in Cuba?

These multi-prefixed classifications, which in the final analysis seem to indicate a given "sexual" behavior, but by no means point to any specific form of conduct, orientation or preference, are only a set of descriptors of some mens attitudes toward their looks and a supposed key to "mens lib." Read More

Cuban Film Nominated for Goya Awards

The list also includes Francisco J. Lombardi's Mariposa Negra (Black Butterfly) from Peru; Christopher Zalla's Padre Nuestro (Our Father) from Chile and El Baño del Papa (The Pope's Bath), a French-Uruguayan co-production by Enrique Fernandez and Cesar Charlone. Read More

Production of Cancer Fighting Scorpion Venom in Cuba

The anti-cancer properties of the medicine obtained from the venom have been successfully tested in Cuba after several years of research. Approximately 110 millimeters of scorpion toxin, highly effective in the treatment of cancer, have been obtained every month since August in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More

Cuban Patriot Buried in Havana

"It is impossible to say good-bye to him, it would be betraying him: we do not say good-bye to him, we will always stay at his side," said Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) president Ricardo Alarcon, during Miranda's burial at the Cemetery of Colon in Havana Thursday. Read More

U.S. to speed visas in Cuba

In a significant shift in Cuba migration policy, the U.S. government announced Wednesday it was creating a new program that would reduce the long delays many Cubans experience in securing visas to enter the United States. Read More

November 22nd

Photo Exhibit on Cuban Dance Opens in New York

The United Nations headquarters in New York is hosting a photo exhibition on Cuban dance. The display opened Tuesday after an address by the Cuban ambassador to the international body, Rodrigo Malmierca. Read More

Mexicans Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method

Mexico and Cuba signed a two-year agreement led by the Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical Institute of Cuba, which has made possible the successful implementation of the literacy program. Read More

Nigerian State Governor for Cooperation with Cuba

The governor of the Nigerian state of Ekiti, Olosegun Oni, is paying a visit to Cuba aimed at further strengthening bilateral friendship relations and exploring cooperation opportunities with the island. Read More

Cuba Revitalizes Non-Aligned Movement

Cuba's work as present leader of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement focuses on revitalizing the group, according to its ten principles of foundation. Read More

Cuban Vice President Announces Second Stage of General Elections

Cuba's Vice President Raul Castro Ruz announced the call of the country's council of state for the election of delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of the People's Power and deputies to the national parliament. Read More