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A national network of artists, producers, musicians and script writers from the United States urged President George W. Bush to lift restrictions imposed by Washington of cultural exchange with Cuba.

In a letter revealed on Wednesday, the US-Cuba Cultural Exchange Network urged W. Bush to lift the restrictions between both countries.

"One of the best ways we can deepen our friendships with the people of all countries is for us to better understand each other's culture by enjoying each other's literature, music, films and visual arts, " said First Lady Laura Bush in September of 2006 during the launching of the Global Initiative on Culture, recalled the US activists.

The text of the letter added that in consequence with this commitment and in compliance with the established international protocols, the US government should promote a "respectful dialogue" with Cuba.

They also urged for an end to the travel restrictions to the island and allow Cuban artists and academics to visit the United States.

US intellectuals also urged Bush to begin, with Congressional aid a process that would facilitate the normalization of bilateral relations.

The idea of sending a letter to President W. Bush came after the Director of the Cuban National Ballet Company and UNESCO's Good Will Ambassador Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso sent a letter to US artists and intellectuals also urging for cultural exchanges between both sides.

Alonso urged US artists to work together "for Cuban artists and writers to travel to the US and have Washington authorize their US counterparts to visit Cuba and exchange cultural experiences between each other".

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