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November 24th

Alma Mater Magazine Turns 85

Today the Abril Editorial House, with a circulation of 10,000 copies, publishes the magazine. It is addressed mainly to collage students and is also available on the Internet in . Read More

Fishermen to Catch More Lobsters in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Fishers from Casilda, a sea-side community in the southern municipality of Trinidad, in central Cuba, continue to explore the litoral waters looking for lobsters in order to complete the 26 tons left to accomplish the present-year-290-ton plan. Read More

Putting Social Doctrine in the Limelight. Justice and Peace Council Consider Key Task

Among the many places in which the compendium was presented, Monsignor Crepaldi emphasized Russia and Cuba. For Monsignor Crepaldi, the compendium "can do much good because it helps to clarify, helps one understand and dialogue in search of the truth." Read More

Brian de Palmas Anti-Militaristic Film in Havana

The laureate filmmaker of "Los intocables", "Carlitos Way" and "Vestida para matar", among other celebrated films, asserted in London recently that with his new production "hes said what media does not do: to tell the truth". Read More

November 23rd

The skin of Guanahacabibes

How new technologies contribute to forest development in the western part of the country. A careful draft allows the organization and control of the wealth in the westernmost territory of the island. Read More

Capitolios success

Perhaps by the time this article is being read Luis Raul Cruz Gonzalez, known as Raul Capitolio, living in San Luis municipality, have already planted 150 000 tobacco seedlings, which places him at the forefront of the farmer movement in the province of Pinar del Rio. Read More

New Latin American Film Festival Advances

For this reason two important cinemas, usual venues of the Festival: the Acapulco and the Riviera were reconstructed previously to the remodelling and general reconstruction to be done in the 23 most important cinemas of Havana City next year. Read More

A constant increasing of the teaching universalization.

The universalization of the Cuban education not also includes universities but also pedagogical institutes (with 20 000 students), Medical Sciences and Physical Culture. Read More

Cuba and Bolivia Boost Trade Relations

Cuban Foreign Trade Vice Minister Pedro Luis Padron told Prensa Latina news agency that this accord reaffirms the existing close ties between the governments and peoples of both countries as it includes market access facilities, among other preferences. Read More

Congress on Pneumologic Diseases Open in Cuba

Some of the main topics of debate at the event include the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and pulmonary cancer. Read More