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November 26th

Mexicans Learn to Read and Write with Cuban Method

The Mexican municipality of Chimalhuacan reported the highest number of graduates from the Cuban literacy teaching method called ALFA TV, with 3,800 people who have learned to read and write in the past two years. Read More

Poetry of Che is presented with great success in Guatemala

Over 800 people attended the second presentation in Guatemala of the book "Che Guevara, poesía completa" ("Che Guevara, complete poetry"), a collection made by the writer Marco Vinicio Mejías. Read More

Cuban Youth Plunged into Voluntary Work

After intensive rains, associated to Tropical Storm Noel by late October and early November, the eastern Cuba had material losses valued at $500 million. Read More

"Querida Elena": a rapprochement to the great writer

"Querida Elena" ("Dear Elena") is the title of the panel where Luisa Campuzano and Zaida Capote will get closer to the life and work of the great Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska, on Thursday the 29th of November at 4:00 pm at the Manuel Galich hall of the Casa de las Américas. Read More

Cuba Commemorates V-Day

The also member of the Federation of Cuban Women said the goal is to rise general awareness, prevent violence and help build a better society amid growing world disrespect for human dignity. Read More

November 25th

Galicia Wants Cuban 5 Free

The gathering was held in Santiago de Compostela Saturday among representatives from different political, social and friendship organizations with Cuba, convened by the "Francisco Villamil" Galician-Cuban Friendship Association. Read More

National Monument Bariay Park

The National Monument Park Bariay is located in the province of Holguín, in the east of Cuba, on the north coast, approximately 37 km away from the city. It limits to the North with the Atlantic Ocean, to the South with the municipality Rafael Freyre, to the East with the Bariay Bay and to the West with the Jururú Bay. Read More

Las Tunas Energy Workers Boost Commitment for 49 Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

The workers of the Electric Company and constructors from the eastern provinces of Las Tunas and Holguín intend to conclude at the end of December a battery with capacity to generate 6.6 megawatts daily, in greeting to the 49 years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution next January 1st. Read More

Camagüey increases short-term crops

After the rainfalls that affected Camaguey in September and October, the farmers of this Cuban eastern province started to prepare the lands to sow some 10 700 hectares of short-term crops. Read More

El Benny at Malaysian Film Festival

The feature-length film about Cuba's most popular musician, Bartolome Maximiliano More (1919-1963), will be exhibited for the first time in Southeast Asia, after winning several awards in Latin America, the United States and Europe. Read More