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November 27th

A genuine autoctonous character as main feature

Up to the present, sixteen American and Asian countries have confirmed their participation in the XI Feria Internacional de Artesanía (FIART) (11th International Handcraft Fair) which venue will be PABEXPO as usual. This facility has been totally repaired and will be reopened on ocassion of this event to be held from December 8th to 16th. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez and Leo Brower in Chile

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez took part in a tribute to the late Chilean singer and composer Violeta Parra, marking the 90th anniversary of her birth. Read More

November 27th

Camagüey's popular rice farmers increase harvest areas

Rice farmers that are linked to the popular movement that it is developed in our country since the middle of the last decade, this year have already planted near 8 500 hectares in Camagüey, an area larger than that one taken into consideration. Read More

Sahara Dust May Be Choking Cuba

Dr. Eugenio Mojena, from the Satellite Section at the Forecast Center of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology, told the daily that large clouds of dust particles arrive on this island from the African continent every year. Read More

Cuba to Make Spirulina with UN

The Spirulina is used as a nutritional and dietetic complement to cover needs of the country's social and sports sector, and it can solve nutrition problems and food security of the current and future society, the source stated. Read More

Cubans Get More Days Off

To the recent decision by the Council of State to declare December 31 and January 2 as days off, the Work and Social Security Ministry announced today to work this time December 22 instead of December 29. Read More

More money for chocolates and canned crabs?

More than half of the money meant to promote subversion on the island remained in Miami, swelling the counter-revolutionary and terrorist ringleaders personal accounts Read More

Book on Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles Launched in Havana

Luis Posada Carriles, the man who isn't on the US most wanted list because of a supposed "lack of evidence" is unmasked from his early days to the present in a new book entitled: ¨Posada Carriles, Four Decades of Terror¨, by Canadian journalist Jean-Guy Allard. Read More

Pinar readjusts coffee areas for greater sales

Pinar del Río is carrying out a general study to reorganize the areas destined to coffee growing, including soil conditions, workers, and climate conditions, all of this aimed at increasing yield and production. Read More

Las Tunas Festival of Magic Is Reaffirmed as an Exclusivity in Cuba

The magician Ayra, José Álvarez, reasserted in Las Tunas city, to 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, the importance of the International Festival of Magic Amphora, convoked by this province, as the only competitive square for the illusionists of the whole country. Read More