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Yadira Garcia, Cuba's Basic Industry Minister assisted to the 6th Doha Conference on Natural Gas

The 6th Doha Conference provided an opportunity to get views of a cross-section of people from the global natural gas industry, environmentalists, those concerned with work place safety, academics and technology leaders on key issues linked to the sector. Read More

Cuba hosts International Convention on Urbanism

The meeting is been attended by some 100 experts from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Switzerland. Read More

Cuban women will tough challenge at Women's World Cup Volleyball Tournament

Brazil, which won its 15th South American title this year and runner-up Peru are among the islands rivals from November 2-16. Read More

Tropical Storm Noel death toll rises in Caribbean countries

In Cuba, almost 1,300 homes were damaged. Some interior areas remain incommunicado due to flooded roads, and coffee crops were damaged by flooding. Read More

Heavy rains for the Central and eastern part of Cuba

At 6:00 local time Thursday, the storm was located at 23.9 degrees latitude North and 78.5 latitude West, around 102 miles southeast of Nassau, in northern Bahamas. Read More

People's Power Municipal Assemblies meet in Cuba on Sunday

That day, the elected delegates in the October 21-28 elections will meet to form local governments, which will run for two and a half years, the text states. Read More

Andy Montañez to record album with cuban Pancho Amat

Montañez, who was a special invited artist at the Ibero American Culture Festival in the Cuban eastern province of Holguin, told the press that working with Amat and his band is one his most immediate projects. Read More

TEMAS Essay Award 2007

This Award is intended to stimulate reflection on problems of art and literature, social sciences and humanistic studies, political theory and ideology- that is to say, culture in its broadest and most fundamental sense Read More

A party for Violeta Parra

One of the guests at the party who will join the 50,000 people at the capital's O'Higgins Park on November 24th, will be troubadour Silvio Rodríguez who will be sharing the stage with member's of Violeta's family. Read More

United Nations Millennium Objectives on Health out of reach

The Millennium Development Goals are a series of social and economic targets formulated by the United Nations that aim to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Read More