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November 29th

Uruguay, Cuba Open Ophthalmology Unit

The center, the only one of its type in the country, emerged from an agreement of Uruguay-Cuba Mixed Commission established in 2006 is part of the Equity Plan the government is carrying out. Read More

November 28th

Cuban Social Workers Detect Irregularities in Fuel-Savings Plan

Cuba could save more than 200,000 liters of diesel simply with an efficient use of trucks and tractors in the agricultural sector. That estimate was made by social workers, who add that this would mean a savings of more than $100,000 CUC. Read More

The movie "La edad de la peseta" is a nominate to the Goya award

These three titles, together with La edad de la peseta, are competing at the Iberian - American Festival of Huelva (south of Spain) were these nominations were made public. Read More

Youth Employment in Cuba, a Never Ending Story?

Detecting which and how many young people in Cuba do not study or work seems an endless story. Read More

Cuban Chess Master Leinier Domínguez Challenging Records

Supported by all Latin America, which has put all their hopes on him, Cuban Grand Master (GM) Leinier Domínguez (with an ELO score of 2683) will match with German Grand Master David Baramidze (2569 ELO), at the beginning of the second round of the 2007 FIDE Chess World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. Read More

Cuba on full jazz

The X Competition of Young jazz players, Jojazz, will be a space of meeting, development and promotion of the young talents, formed by the System of Artistic Teaching in Cuba and lovers of the Jazz. The event will be held in Havana from te 29th of November until the 2nd of December. Read More

Cuban 5 Lawyer Promotes UK Solidarity

This year the campaign organized a vigil in front of the US Embassy to London, and achieved the signing of a declaration by many European Parliament deputies demanding the US government grant the wives and relatives of the Cuban Five the right to visit them. Read More

Cuba, N Korea Size up Cooperation

Cuban Government Minister Ricardo Cabrisas and Korean Trade Minister Rim Kyong Man expressed Monday their respective countries' interest in boosting bilateral links. Read More

"One Hundred Hours with Fidel" printed in Galician

A translation into Galician of the book "One hundred hours with Fidel" will be launched shortly in Galicia with the title of "Fidel Castro: A mina vida". Read More

Alarcon Lauds Hard Work for Elections

The National Candidature Commission report in Granma daily on Monday informs that the 1,291 members of provincial assemblies and 614 members of the National Assembly will emerge from the pool of over 55,000 newly-elected delegates nationwide. Read More