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White pelican takes shelter in Pinar del Rio
As it is a weird seabird in Cuba, to monitor a colony of the White American Pelican taking shelter in a bog of this territory, at the south of the westernmost province of the island, is of scientific interest.

According to biologists of the University of Havana, between March and October, these big birds find nutrition sources in rice fields, water reservoirs and forest areas of the shores.

Doctor Lourdes Mujica and Denis Denis, among some othert experts, locate the seabirds in Maspoton lake, at the south of Pinar del Rio, and also in Cienaga de Zapata, as the most important places in the country.

Also unusual in Puerto Rico, as well as wandering birds in the Caribbean during winter, they can be better seen in the morning when flying around the place and looking for food.

Formerly, Cuba has just registered their presence in 1838 and in 1940, 1954, 1089 and 1997, while since 2004 the national sientific community has reported 400 of them.

White pelicans are white birds with black wing tips and long, orange bill with a pouch for scooping up the food.

To take care of the nests is the principal task of the men in favor of these birds that are threatened by predators, but are able to live half a century and show their spectacular swimming without falling into the water to catch the food, since they plunge their beak while flapping the wings on the surface.

Source: By Elena Milian, Guerrillero

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