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Non Aligned Movement
The Non-Aligned Movement demanded this week that the UN Security Council practice a policy of peaceful diplomacy and dialogue to find a lasting solution to the issue of Irans development of nuclear energy, reported Prensa Latina.

The position of the 118-member organization comes at a time when the five permanent members of the Security Council are considering a resolution on Irans nuclear program.

The resolution, sponsored by Great Britain and France, as permanent members of the Council, and Germany, would impose financial sanctions against Iran in reprisal for producing enriched uranium for nuclear power plants.

Cubas ambassador to the UN Rodrigo Malmierca presented the Non-Aligned Movement position on the issue. Since September 2006, Cuba holds the presidency of the organization for a three-year period.

The statement reaffirms "the fundamental and inalienable right" of all states to conduct research, produce and use atomic energy for peaceful ends, without discrimination and in compliance with their legal obligations.


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