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Folk Canarias dedicated one of the music days to the brotherly island of Cuba. Brought over by the people from the island from the other side of the Atlantic, the son from the Caribbean island are reflected in the festival by the Jóvenes Soneros, a group that reflects the experiences and the closeness to Cuban popular culture made through the time of the migration of the people from the Canary Islands, more specifically the municipality of the Aldea de San Nicolás towards this island. Jóvenes Soneros strengthen even more their links when they traveled to Cuba in 1993 with the project of the Community Development of La Aldea, to which we all belong, to which a total of 130 people travelled, creating a great interest in us for their music and traditions.

Together with the Community Development Project of La Aldea the Cuban government awards them the Medalla de Oro al Cucalambé (Golden Medal to the Cucalambé) to those groups that contributed to the rescue of Cuban traditional culture with the recovery of El Manzanillo, which had already disappeared in Cuba. As the most important event, one may highlight the participation of Jóvenes Soneros in many concerts in the Canary Islands and in two of the most important international festivals of Cuba such as the one of Cucalambé in the province of Las Tunas and the Festival Del Fuego (Fire Festival) in Santiago de Cuba, apart from the participation in television programs from the Camagüey television. On the other hand Troveros de Asieta appears as such in December 1991 in the Isla de La Palma, from a clear Cuban cultural heritage that still survives in the island. Their members have known how to collect this heritage from their forefathers, representing one of the most characteristic musical proposals that appeared in the Canary Islands over the last few years. In December 2004 comes to light their fourth album Bailando con Lecuona (Dancing with Lecuona) which includes the music from the show of that same name conceived by the group. The Musical Show Bailando con Lecuona (Dancing with Lecuona), created from the very beginning as a tribute, four decades after his death, to this great Cuban composer and interpreter with ancestry from the Canary Islands, has been presented all over the Canary Islands during 2005 and 2006.

The angle from which the compositions in this musical was seen from, even though it does not go over its main essence, goes beyond that lyric and moderate element which belongs to it, re-launching it into new habitats. For that reason, in order to facilitate the encounter, the famous pieces selected by Troveros go from the bolero to the danzón and the cha-cha-cha, precisely the Cuban rhythms, which were worked the most by Lecuona. There is also some waltz, the testimony of a multiple heritage which was also adopted by Lecuona and which goes from the European and Spanish music to the Afro-Cuban rhythms. Nowadays, people may talk of one of the groups from the Canary Islands with the most solid trajectory, which also has a style of their own reaching a perfect equilibrium between quality and the personality and rigor with which it puts it into practice.

Source: Cubarte

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