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Celia Cruz
The estate of the late Cuban singer Celia Cruz created controversy yet again after statements given by family members and her widower to interviewer Graciela Mori, which will be used as evidence in a TV show in the US.

The results of the tour month investigation will air in four parts: first, an exclusive interview with Celia Cruz's sister and niece in Cuba, talking about the harsh reality theyve lived in since the artists death.

Mori will then present Gilberto Garcia statements, the Cruz family lawyer; about the whereabouts of her estate and of which Omer Pardillo and Luis Falcon are executors, according to a press release.

The lawyer said he knows that Falcon has spent the artists fortune and that Pedro Knight lived in less than human conditions.

After suffering an embolism last year, Pedro Knight, widower of the legendary Cuban singer, was admitted into hospital again a few weeks ago in Los Angeles, California, due to health complications.

According to his spokesman, Luis Falcon, Knight was admitted into Little Company hospital in Torrance September 21, where he had been on other occasions in the last few months.

The 85-year-old widower weighs just 60 kilos and although he is alert and lucid, the left half of his body is paralyzed so he is tube-fed.

Knight has had other health issues in the last few years, like thrombosis and respiratory failure, especially since Celia Cruz's death on July 16, 2003.

Since then, her family, both in Cuba and the US, has been at odds with Knight about the estate of the legendary Cuban singer.

In relation to the documentary, Pardillo said that he had nothing to do with the execution of the estate since 2004.

The investigation took four months and produced information given by people close to the star in Cuba.

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