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  • 12 / 10 / 2006

Lázaro Bruzón
Grand Master (GM) Lázaro Bruzón heads twelve Cuban chess players to take part in the 19th Carlos Torre in Memoriam International Chess Tournament in Mexico.

Bruzón, champion of the 18th edition and with 2.648 ELO coefficient, will be accompanied by Grand Masters, Jesús Nogueiras (2.554) and Yunieski Quesada (2.512), said national press commissioner, Gerardo Anaya.

Wálter Arencibia (2.535), Reynaldo Vera (2.510), Silvino García (2.316), Frank de la Paz (2.442, Juan Borges (2.431) and International Masters Fidel Corrales (2.496), Holden Hernández (2.525) and Rodney Pérez (2.385), and FIDE Master Jennifer Pérez, make up the Cuban squad.

In the last edition, Bruzón defeated Polish GM Michael Krasenkow in a tie break.

The 19th Carlos Torre in Memoriam International Chess Tournament will be pay by two phase system. First phase: preliminary 6-rounds Swiss 14-17 December, 12 claasify to the second phase with 4 seeded players: Wimbledon (Knock out) 5 rounds 18-22 December. Swiss tournament continues 3 more rounds 19-22 December.


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