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Botanical Garden of Las Tunas, Cuba, Opened a Modern Classroom with Environmental Education
The classroom also has endemic and exotic plants that were fomented by the technicians and workers of the Garden. According to Raul Verdecia, director of the center, the knowledge can be widen in the field that include 88 species in danger of extinction.

A wire from the the Cuban News Agency  points out that the rural facility, about 690 kilometers to the east of Havana, has offered training to many companies so that they can sow different kinds of plants and trees.

Verdecia asserted that the Botanical Garden of Las Tunas helps so that other entities sow plants that can be resources for economic and social programs; however, the sale of plants to the population has not been possible yet, something that can be a help to the ecosystem.

He highlighted they are making experiments in the cultivation of different varieties of woody bamboo, to know which of them are the most adaptable to the lands of Las Tunas, for their later development and propagation.


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