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Guerrilla de Teatreros from Granma, Cuba, has been awarded
During the tribute, Heriberto Rene Reyes Blázquez, director of the Guerrilla de Teatreros and founder of this community social and cultural Project, also received the condition of National Avant-garde worker, an award he has received for the fifth time. ‘

Talking about the success of the “guerrilla” that backs this merit, Rene Reyes expressed: “During the last 18 years we carried out an important task. We have maintained a systematic activity in the areas of the Turquino Plan that demand great sacrifice from us, since we must move long distance and sleep in tents to offer our art.

“We carry our work to the most difficult places of Sierra Maestra mountains and to other provinces of the country. We also took our art to the areas affected by the three hurricanes last year.

“We were present at the XV edition of the festival and at the competition Máscara de Caoba, with the work Inopia. With this piece we presented ourselves at the Villanueva 2009 festival, were the actress Dalia Gonzalez Suarez, won a Special mention of Female Performance for her clean sign language and expressiveness. We also took part in the XVII edition of the National Theatre Festival of small format”, indicated Rene Reyes.

The Guerrilla de Teatreros is distinguished, besides its intelligent and funny performances, by a sustained exchange with the mountain people, who, through games and conversations, are updated about different topics, such as prevention of sexual diseases, family violence and alcoholism.

Since 2006 the group is a mean for Canadian students from Trois Rivieres to see the Cuban way of life and share theatre interests with local people.

“This year, the province won, for the sixth time, to held the national ceremony of the foundation of the Turquino Plan and I believe the work of the Guerrilla de Teatreros has modestly contributed to that result”, indicated Rene Reyes.

In 2008 thsi group travelled through 292 communities of the country, finished its seventeen tour of the areas of the Turquino Plan and, as part of the summer program, visited the municipalities of Bartolomé Maso and Guisa, accompanied by students from Québec (Canada). In October they finished their fifth tour Following the route of Céspedes, where they shared experiences with people from Manzanillo, Yara, Bartolomé Maso and Bayamo.

Among the awards that credit this theatre group are: National Abril award (2000), International award Somos Patrimonio (2003), given by the Convenio Andres Bello cultural centre, which is made by several nations, including Cuba, the award of the Committees of Defence of Revolution (CDR, alter its initials in Spanish) and the Communitarian Culture (2005), the Juan Marinello recognition of the Trade Union of workers of culture and two awards fro the Centre of Information and reference about the Comunita Initiative (CIERIC, after its initials in Spanish) in 2007.

They also won the popularity and the Great Award given by the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC, alter its initials in Spanish) and in 2008 they won a mention given also by UNEAC and a popularity award in the same competition, as well as the condition of national Avant-Garde.

The itinerant community social and cultural Guerrilla de Teatreros, was created the 20 of March 1992 and from 2002 was consolidated as an artistic group that gather together 32 young artists from different expressions such as dance, theatre, cinema, music, magic and plastic arts.


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